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Atmósfera & Elemental Audio Project

Hector Cruet Atmósfera Art Hector Cruet Atmósfera Room

Subtitle: Suppression ecological and environmental details

Installation: The area contains six photomontages. Every visual image measures 11 x 16.5 in in SINTRAS material, which occupy a total area of 53.5 x 37 in. The sound part contains an mp3 player with headphones.

Project: Atmosphere exposes the instability and environmental problem caused by pollution mostly by the industrialization in our Island. The project comprises six photomontages based landscapes Puerto Rico which emphasized the contamination by colors. The audio portion contains compositions that help emphasize and create an atmospheric environment. These sounds were recorded directly from nature and personally by means of electronic equipment.

Significance: The meaning containing my project Atmosphere is to raise awareness and emphasize the problem to the contamination. The topic was selected because it should matter to everyone because each of us are contributing to the pollution and affecting our natural environment. We can begin to make changes to improve the lifestyle avoiding aggravate existing problem. This is a project that touches several disciplines such as science, photography, technology.

Sound list:

Elemental Audio
Hector Cruet Elemental Audio Cover Hector Cruet Elemental Audio Room

Description: The goal that I had with this project was to create sounds with electronic instruments (midi) and sounds effects from the four elements; air, earth, fire and ice.The sound recordings make reference to the elements. This project is recommended that be played in a place such the scenario precented in the images on the left. To have better understandings of the project the person needs to hear the sounds in a room with a projector.

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