Hector Cruet

Residue of Sky

Hector Cruet HCruet & Lionel Cruet: Residue of Sky View Hector Cruet HCruet & Lionel Cruet: Residue of Sky

In Collaboration with Lionel Cruet

Place: Feria de Arte Sonoro en P.R.

Year: 2013

Description: Residue of sky is an audiovisual installation of a larger architectural scale. Consists of a set of projections and reflections between a horizontal and vertical surfaces, accompanied by sound. The visual images are the product of the reflection of a video developed with footage of sky which has been recovered, processed and manipulated on a computer with the program Adobe Premiere.

Fragmented on the vertical wall images are scattered reflections on movement of a blue sky with white clouds that feels like a destroyed residue. The context of the piece lay in discussion topics of atmospheric and environmental concerns. The idea of the fictitious that vanishes to be ephemeral. The audiovisual installation is composed of an ambient sound and a video projection over a pile of broken mirrors; the mirror reflects the broken image on a wall creating an elusive environment. The context is to create a reference to the middle atmospheric and environmental destruction and create critical thinking and argument on the subject. To create the presentation I needed to work with the footage of the sky, sounds which create the greening to then install the projector and crystals that create the reflection of the video.

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Art Sound Video Nature Images Idea Projection

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